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Small Business Cyber Resources


Useful information and links to help your business.



Federal Communications Commission: 

  • Cyberplanner – helps you create a plan
  • For those who may already be at a mature state, you can choose which control families to include in your plan.
  • Families include privacy, data security, scans and fraud, network security, website security, email, mobile devices, employees, facility, operational risk, payment cards, incident response, incident reporting, policy development

Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency

Global Cyber Alliance:

  • The GCA Small Business Toolkit:
  • Measurement (Know What You Have)
  • Response:
    • (Update your defenses, beyond simple passwords, prevent phishing and malware, backup and recover, protect your email, protect your reputation)

NIST Publication

  • We can’t do anything without sending somebody to NIST!  (joking)
  • Unlike many NIST documents, written in plain English
  • While this may be dry for small business owners, it’s NIST – always worth the read
  • Require at least one person in your organization to understand the whole thing.
  • Small Business Fundamentals:  Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, Recover

Tabletop Exercises:


Infotex Resources for Small Businesses:


Copy of presentation slides:


Cybersanity While Watching for Sick Birds with Infotex


Information Security with Virtual Innovation


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