Serving our communities since 1910.

The First National Bank of Monterey has been an agriculturally –oriented bank for over 100 years. The idea of a bank for Monterey was conceived out of a need for currency in order to settle with farmers marketing their grain. Our agricultural roots run deep. Our goal is to provide a dependable source of agricultural credit to borrowers through prosperity and adversity. The First National Bank of Monterey agricultural lenders are experienced in the field of agricultural credit, which enables us to develop good, long-term working relationships with our customers.

Lines of Credit | Equipment Loans/Installment Loans | Real Estate Loans | Leasing

Lines of Credit

A line of credit is ideal for those cash crunch times we all know come along with farming.  Utilize your line for your farm operating needs:

  • Crop Inputs
  • Repairs
  • Manage taxable income through prepayments and inventory finance
  • Early Pay Discounts
  • Manage Cash Flow
  • No Renewal Fees

Funds can be accessed through our simple to use digital banking.

Equipment Loans

Do you need to update equipment, buy new? Does your farm need capital improvements? Our installment loans could fit your needs!  We offer flexible term loans to cover your farm’s needs.

  • Flexible Terms & Payment Options
  • New or used equipment
  • Facilities (Tool shed, livestock barn, pole barn, etc.)
  • Grain bins and Grain Handling Systems
  • Farm Improvements
  • Farm vehicles
  • Breeding Livestock.

Real Estate Loans

Whether you are looking to purchase real estate or refinance an existing loan; we offer a variety of convenient terms to meet your individual needs.

  • Terms from 5-30 years.
  • Loans can be fully amortized or have a balloon
  • No Rate lock fees


Leasing facilities and equipment can provide both a tax advantage and flexibility. We have the expertise to meet your farm’s needs.


  • Potential Tax Advantages
    • Talk to your tax advisor
  • Customized Payment Options
    • Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual, Annual
  • Flexible Terms & Down Payments
  • Allows you to pay for your equipment while using it
  • Flexibility to transfer ownership at the end of the lease


What can be leased?

  • Irrigation Systems
  • Equipment
  • Grain Bins & Grain Handling Systems
  • Facilities (Pole Building)