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Do you provide or are you planning to provide a high-deductible health insurance plan for your employees?

If so, a Health Savings Account would complement your employee health care benefit plan.

We can help by providing in-house educational training on the advantages of Health Savings Accounts and our product.

We offer:

  • On-Site account origination
  • Electronic deposits
  • Employer and/or employee directed contributions, one-time or reoccurring
  • Accept HSA transfers and rollovers


Employee benefits include:

  • Triple Tax Savings (Tax-free contributions, interest earned, and money distributed for qualified medical expenses
  • No ‘Use It or Lose It’ rules
  • Tiered interest rate
  • Fully portable


We would like to be your partner in providing this benefit to your employees. Call to talk with one of our HSA specialists at our Trust Department in our Monterey office, 574-542-2121.